Classical Piano Song "Angel's Serenade' by composer Gaetano Braga

A new piano piece was introduced to me a few weeks ago. After many difficult practice sessions I finally managed to play the song well enough.

No words can describe the anguish a mother feels in losing her daughter. In Angel’s Serenade a girl hears an angel’s voice calling out to her,

Little more than a toddler she was frightened and confused. She tells her mother about the voice.

Through music, Gaetano Braga tells the conversation between the mother and her daughter with this wonderful composition.

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The song begins in a soft, placating tone. Just like when a girl asks her mother for some comforting attention. I struggled with the left hand while playing this part of the song.

Moving my fourth finger from E flat at the far end of the keyboard to G in the middle was tricky because of the distance, I kept missing my target.

As the mother pleads with her daughter, the music shifts into a higher pitch, the rhythm steps faster and notes louder, reflecting the mother’s desperate attempt to rescue her little girl from being taken away.

If you have the MP3, you will hear at 2:15 a bar of repetitive notes, E flat. Play this bar by changing fingers 4-3-2, not forgetting to add some dynamics - softer at first, then a bit louder, finally ending it soft again.

That way the sadness of the music is expressed from the piano playing, spreading across the room to enter the ears of our audience, infecting them with the melancholic mood Braga intended to create.

He hailed from an Italian coastal town of Giulianova in Abruzzi. The town has a long historical past, having been a settlement to tribes during the age of the Roman Empire.

Being an accomplished cellist, he originally composed Angel’s Serenade for the cello.

The song’s powerful message of unconditional love and bond between a mother and her daughter resonated with Russian author Anton Chekov who was so touched by the music that he featured it in his short story ‘The Black Monk’.

The angel’s persistent seductive call to the girl was too intoxicating for her to resist. She stretched her hands towards the bright glowing entity, without a moment’s hesitation the angel took her under her wings and together they faded away.

Just after 3:05, a final string of crotchets convey the emotion of loss before ending with a chord of B flat and E. Extend the right middle finger and pinkie to hit the chord firmly.

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