Partying with jazz piano music and Maserati cars

Big ominous cluster of clouds hovered over the horizon. Any hopes of seeing the much hyped full moon was gone. It was going to be a wet ‘Maserati by the Sea Full Moon Party’.

Being the excited, eager beaver that I am, I was already seated at the front row facing the stage at 6 pm. The shows were scheduled to start at 7.30 pm.

Mini pizzas and spaghetti were served throughout the evening. Free drinks were less plentiful though, we were only given two rounds each. Any more had to come out of our pockets.

Local luxury auto dealer Naza Motors was generous enough to lend two Maserati cars as eye candies for the party. They were huge crowd pullers. Everyone made a beeline to snap photos of themselves next to the automobiles from the marquee brand.

The organizers have lined up jazz singer Rozz Ritzmann to provide the vocals for our listening pleasure. He was accompanied by the Rozz band jazz piano player, bass guitarist and a drummer.

To tickle our funny bones, stand-up comic Andrew Netto was roped in spew his one-liners. It remains to be seen whether this tough crowd is going to be amused.

Nights when a full moon is in the sky have always been associated with supernatural events, to make the party itself such an event, DJ Tosse has been flown in to spin the music. He is a well sought after DJ for full moon parties, having performed on the beaches of Thailand before coming here.

Peter was first to rock the stage. He sang evergreen jazz hits and a memorable mambo song now made popular by Michael Buble, ‘Sway’. The boy sure knew how to shake his assets. He then chucked his coat and stripped down to a see through Latin shirt.

Download the ‘Sway’ MP3 for free here. Take advantage of free trial membership to download without paying anything.

As predicted, at about midnight it rained - sending hundreds of stilletto clad, tank top wearing girls who just moments ago were shaking their bodies on the dance floor fleeing for cover.

But the show must go on. The host did well to keep the crowd entertained by giving away prizes to guests who answered his quizzes right.

Many jazz and pop performers were initially trained in classical music. To name several famously successful ones, from the top of my head - violinist Vanessa Mae and pianist Richard Clayderman are two examples.

The first jazz piano piece I learnt to play was ‘Light and Blue’ by composer Willard A. Palmer. It has been more than three years since the last time I played the song.

Coming home from the party, I was inspired by the night’s jazz music that I was drawn towards my Yamaha and tickled away the first jazz piano song I mastered.

You can try it too, get the music sheet for ‘Light and Blue’ from

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