Hermione teaches Ron Fur Elise by Beethoven on the piano in Harry Potter 7

The scene is only about 10 seconds long. Running for their lives from Voldemort, the 3 young wizards are in a tent in the middle of nowhere.

Ron and Hermione are sitting next to each other on the bench. Ron gives his best playing the first 2 bars of the song, his fingers pressing hard on the keys.

“Slower,” Hermione says with a smile. She plays next, softly her finger presses on E followed by a D sharp.

Perfect pianissimo poco moto as composed 300 years ago.

Cute, brilliant and a pianist too, not to mention she can cast spells on you. Gotta love Hermione Granger.

Fur Elise was composed in the early 19th century, Beethoven was in his forties when he completed one of his most famous masterpiece.

At the time Europe was in turmoil, Napoloen was waging war across the continent.

As if fate had intervened, in an almost similar time of uncertainty with Dumbledore murdered and their world also plunging into darkness, Ron and Hermione finds solace and comfort in its soothing harmony.

It is not the only song written by Beethoven to be featured in a big budget Hollywood blockbuster.

Jim Carrey made us laugh in Ace Ventura the Pet Detective accompanied by Symphony No.9 "Choral", 4th Movement.

Dinasours wrecked havoc through San Francisco in Jurassic Park 2 as Piano Sonata No.8 "Pathétique", 2nd Movement played in the background.

Piano Sonata No.14 in C# min "Moonlight" kept the suspense high as Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman fought for control of a nuclear submarine in Crimson Tide.

He faced many difficulties during his lifetime. He never found love and suffered from illness. Yet his compositions continue to bring joy and inspiration centuries later.

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