Learn piano online – Achieving total control over the piano

Master the downstroke
Total control over the piano online

Learn to achieve control on the piano online with these three pianistic actions.

Playing the piano necessitates the use of our fingers to hit the keys, arms to move the hands along the length of the keyboard, feet to play the paddle, eyes to read the music sheet and ultimately the brain to coordinate and control all of these actions.

The sound of the piano emanates from the downstroke of the fingers on the keyboard. In itself though, that does not create intense and dramatic music that fills the heart with inspiration.

The strike of the fingers controls the volume of the sound that you make on the piano. It is easy to play loud, forte. It is more difficult to play soft, pianissimo.

You shall need to develop the skill to strike with your fingers with enough strength to hit the keys firmly while generating a soft enough sound that qualifies as pianissimo. Here is the irony, to acquire this skill - the best practice is to play fast paced exercises over an extended period of time. It is how you develop striking power in your fingers.

Once you have that, next you will only need to learn how to hold back some power just as the fingers are about to make contact with the keys.

Hold the key
Total control over the piano online

About a month ago I had the pleasure of attending a concert that featured a young lady of 16 playing Mozart’s Piano Concerto 1st Movement solo on the piano. She was able to coax the most wonderful tone out of the piano through her variety of touch and skillful use of the pedals.

As I watched her charm and enthrall the audience, it dawned on me that there was color and expression in her play which she could control. How is it possible to maintain control over such distinctive piano sounds?

Color and expression is determined by holding a key. Let gravity do the work for you, it is unnecessary to push down the key with too much strength. Holding a key also controls a note’s duration, whether it is short and detached or long to slowly fade into a whisper.

Deft fingers holding a key combined with the full, crisp tone resulting from your firm downstroke would make the piano sing music that can pierce the souls of her listeners.

Lift the fingers up
Total control over the piano online

A dazzling piano performance that spellbounds the audience is not just in the sounds it produces but also in the sounds it terminates. The instantaneous lift of the finger at the precise moment to eliminate the sound in a sudden creates a dramatic effect from the piano.

For example, you may stumble upon a staccato or accent followed by a crotchet rest in a passage, this is the moment to lift the fingers with a quick arm motion upwards. Immediately following the rest, your hands should be in position to play the next phrase.

These 3 pianistic actions that I have included as part of piano lessons for beginners shall enable you to have total control over the piano. Let your fingers strive to make the music which absorbs the full attention of the listeners.

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