Learn piano online – What are the fastest ways to master a song?

Learn the fastest ways to master a song on the piano online.

Granted, the length of the piece, its level of difficulty and the amount of time spent practising factor into how fast we can master a piano song. However there are ways to shorten the time it takes for us to finally play that piece we have yearned to be able to for so long.

I’d like to think of learning a new song as if it was a construction job. It is a process that requires some planning and deliberate execution. If a building is constructed one brick at a time, to completely master a piano song takes a bar at a time.

To help us speed up this seemingly laborious process, I have here a few tips that can be of use.

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Use your memory
It's called keyboard memory, learn more about piano online

Sight reading is a necessary tool in learning to play the piano. Keeping our sight reading ability in top form provides us with a potent weapon when trying to conquer a new piano piece.

Depending on the music sheet to play however, requires our eyes to pass what is written there to the brain for it to decipher the music. Next, the brain has to send the signals to our fingers giving them the instructions to hit the correct keys.

There is a speedier way. Using our memory opens a helpful shortcut in mastering a song faster.

When you are first starting out on a new piano piece, you will need to look at the score to play. While practising, begin to memorize the notes on the piano score and the location of the keys. After a while, look away from the music sheet to see if you can play without looking at it.

Listen to how the melody and rhythym sound as they are coaxed out of the instrument with the delicate strokes of your fingers. Can you repeat the same sound with only the strength of your hearing? This is called keyboard memory. It has been a tremendously beneficial method in assisting me to learn a piano song in the quickest of time.

Practice the difficult parts first
More effort is needed there, learn more about piano online

Phrases with bars containing trills, trelomos, octaves and dynamic changes demand additional efforts to surmount. Focusing on these difficult parts of the composition early on will enable you to complete the song faster.

Morever, in a piano piece there are usually only a few lines that are really hard. You can identify these lines and single them out for some intensive treatment. Once you have cleared these hurdles it is all smooth sailing for the rest of the piece.

Then, you will have the luxury to focus on the musical contents of the piano song. Do not be shy to depict it through the expressions in your play.

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 Observe the notations and markings
Ignore them and regret it, learn more piano online

“Allegro”, “Moderato con rubato” , “Forte” and etc. Those italian words are a real pain in the neck. Furthermore, there are these peculiar symbols telling us when to play louder or which notes should be played short and detached and to indicate moments when a key has to be held down longer.

These markings are ever present in any piano composition. Their presence are to provide instructions for us to add color to the music we are playing, without which all that one would hear are soulless, hollow noises, as if looking at the Monalisa drawn with a pencil. Da Vinci did not do that did he? No, he added color to the painting.

Composers leave behind their own notations in the music score so that we have a clue on how they wished for their compositions to be played.

I am guilty for having the bad habit of flouting the notations out my desire to finish learning the song as fast as I can. Just trying to hit the correct notes is mind boggling sometimes. But I have realized that by overlooking them, I am actually slowing my progress.

To play a song right, we have to observe the notations and markings scribbled on the music sheet. It would be faster to do so right from the start.

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