Learn piano online – Curve Your Hands To Play Well
(Part 2)

Learn piano online, get used to weight playing to overcome stiffness in your hands and arms so that they no longer hinder you from a great play.

It's in the touch
Piano playing is a contact sport,
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Concentrate on producing the perfect tone, do not focus on striking a key, because in piano playing the objective is to make music that means something. Much like when we speak to convey a message, sounding a note on the piano without making meaningful music is just incoherent ramblings.

So how do I make meaningful music? It is in the touch.

If a CSI team were to do an autopsy on a piano they would find strings and hammers inside its body. These hammers are responsible for making the music that we so much enjoy by striking the strings. The faster they strike the keys the louder the sound. We are seldom exposed to the physics and mechanics of the piano during piano lessons for beginners aren’t we?

Through repetitive practice during the piano lessons for beginners and after hundreds of hours of application, develop the ability to control the the swiftness of the hammers as they fall to strike the strings using the touch of your finger tips on the keys.

Your aim should be for the hammers to gradually gain speed before they reach the strings. The result would be a beautiful tone as gorgeous as Kate Upton.

Accomplishing something like that requires that you strive to hit the strings within the piano by touching the key. The key is only the middleman.

Make the middleman drive the hammers to hit the strings at the initial moment of a sound. The music we hear is from this moment, after it passes the hammers have already moved away from the strings and we no longer control what the piano utters.

Everytime I begin to learn a new piano song or start on fresh exercise my hands feel heavy on the piano. The fingers lazy and sluggish. After warming up for a few minutes it gets better. I wonder if there is a way to overcome such a problem.

I have figured it out. Again, it has everything to do with the touch.

Attain the technique to play staccato with one hand and legato with the other. Practising with a sonatina that demands it to achieve success, read 'Juggling staccatos and legatos in a sonatina'

Weight play
Natural forces at work,
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After hitting a key, the fingers will want to go on to the next key, if it is further away the hands will have to move as well. So after you have touched a key successfully - the perfect tone created, quickly remove yourself from that particular key. Do not cling to it by pressing it down hard for too long.

Clinging to a key longer than necessary is detrimental to the quality of a tone. It diminishes what is otherwise beautiful music. Each touch of the keys consumes energy, so you will be dispensing more when you cling to a key causing tiredness and the fingers loose their agility.

Learn to ration how much energy to dispense for each note. Understand how much force will be involved to hit a note with an appropriate amount of power enough to produce a tonal quality passable as brilliant.

Introducing various piano lessons, books and computer softwares to help you learn piano and be able to play piano well, read 'Play well with these lessons'

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