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Learn piano online, introducing various piano lessons, books and computer softwares to help you learn piano and be able to play piano well.

Congratulations! There is no other feeling of joy once you can play a piano piece completely. I was overjoyed when I played my first complete piece, ‘Memory’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Are you an adult beginner? Or are you looking for suitable piano lessons for your children?

I started learning the piano because I sensed that there was a musical Force deep within me. The piano Jedi inside of me needed to be awakened. Can you feel it too?

Maximize your progress when practicing by putting some color in your music making and do not neglect theoretical studies, read 'Profit more from practicing'

Lessons for adults
Play at any age, learn more about the piano online

Good, because as adults we learn the piano for our own pleasure, to fullfill a dream and explore a part of ourselves that we were not sure existed.

We also prefer to learn our way. I wanted to be able to choose the songs that I had to learn. You can do that to some extent.

Piano lessons such as ‘Rocket Piano’, ‘Piano by Choice‘and ‘Piano for Adults’ provides a variety of choice to learn the piano from multiple approaches. You can pick the ones you are most comfortable with.

Many individuals with jobs like lawyers, nurses or programmers feel they are living a more satisfied life because they can play piano.

Learn how to coax the music out of the piano in order to deliver a sublime performance, read 'The guiding principles to playing well'

Lessons for children
Start them young, learn more about the piano online

You realize that music is important for your child’s development. Piano is an excellent musical instrument for the little one to start with.

Wind instruments like the trumpet or flute require physical strength to blow air in order to produce a tone, while on the piano we only have to press a key.

Children are naturally active, they can’t keep still for too long. Any lessons geared for children will have to consider this. ‘Jumbo Easy Piano Songbook: 200 Songs for All Occasions’ , ‘Teaching Little Fingers to Play: A Book for the Earliest Beginner’ and ‘All-in-One Course for Children: Lesson, Theory, Solo, Book 1’ have done very well in their selection of piano exercises to keep children sitting happily on their piano bench.

Learning to play the piano develops patience and perseverence in a child, traits that will become invaluable to them as they grow up into adults. Imagine the pride you will feel seeing your boy or girl evolve into a respectable man or woman.

As parents our duty is to provide guidance and encouragement, give thoughtful and loving help instead of criticism.

We can also give them access to CD-ROMSs and music software that can help to accelerate their learning. ‘Alfred's Basic Piano Library for Children - Level 1A Disk’, ‘My Piano’ and ‘Piano Wizard for PC With 49E Keystation’ are some of the products that are available.

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