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Learn piano online, staying motivated while learning the piano can be a challenge. Here are 3 ways to help you stay motivated.

Practicing felt like it was such a tedious task. I could not enjoy any song I was playing. The music emanating from the movements of my fingers on the keyboard sounded hollow and spiritless. It was depressing.

I had lost my motivation to practise. Even if I did, it was only for 15 minutes then I would lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling for an hour trying to convince myself that I am just resting my fingers first before resuming practise.

A slightly wilder weekend by normal standards recharged my batteries – Salsa dancing on Friday night, followed by a quiet afternoon sipping frappuccinos while reading Greek history on Sunday. I was better.

Thanks to my newly rediscovered vigour, I feel obligated to share the 3 ways to help a piano student stay motivated in learning and practising the piano.

Do not practice to meet a deadline
Pressure is deflating, learn more about the piano online

This was how the slump started for me. You see, my piano lessons are on Thursdays, on the days leading up to it I stressed myself to master the songs assigned to me.

I would tell myself that I have to practise for 2 hours today, but the outcome was usually a practice session of about 20 minutes. Even the daily 2 hour minimum limit became a source of stress for me.

I have stopped playing to the clock. Instead I revel in the music for as long as it pleasures me. Having lifted the burden of meeting a deadline off my shoulders, my hands have been able to coax music out of the piano that are indeed music to my ears. Progress will naturally follow, just not by next Thursday.

Play the music you love
Quitting is unthinkable if you love it,
learn more about the piano online

‘The Beautiful Blue Danube’ is a marvellous work of music. The waltz rhythm is a welcomed change from the romantic songs that I relish so much. I am finally playing the fourth movement now but the journey has been an arduous one, the piece seems foreign to me. The bond and connection were absent between us.

Even my piano teacher noticed it, she suddenly asked me to stop playing the song. My next assignment is going to be another romantic piece. Although there was a slight tinge of dissappointment for not being able to complete Strauss’ famous composition, I was relieved.

In contrast, I love playing ‘Adieu au Piano’ by Beethoven, the teasing fluidity of the opening melody, its hurried and animated ornaments in the phrase leading up to the climax enlivens my senses every time. Practising is a ball.

If for some unexplained reason the music does not excite you it is best to move on to something that does. Making music on the piano requires sincerity from the performer for it to be exciting. If you possess a strong connection with the music, practise will not feel like a chore but a thrilling joyride.

Expect to play with
mistakes … for now
Mistakes are forgiven, learn more about the piano online

Weeks have passed since you first started practicing ‘Fur Elise’. But you still hit the wrong notes or you still miss a few rests or your fingers just can not seem to grasp the upper mordent.

It is perfectly fine. The human body needs time to digest all the difficulties of a piano piece.

Once you are able to play the whole song well enough, proceed to a new piece. Play ‘Fur Elise’ as a warm up piece before you start practising the new song. Soon the mistakes will start to dissappear, for now at least expect to play with mistakes.

If you are still in the piano lessons for beginners level, whenever you feel like giving up remember these 3 ways to stay motivated.

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