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I am lucky to have a hot young piano chick as my teacher. But that is not the point, choosing the right piano teacher for you is important if you are serious about playing the piano.

One session of lesson is usually about 45 minutes to an hour long. Most teachers will show the student how to play on the piano and then teach music theory.

Ask the teacher how long the lesson is and ask yourself if you can spend the amount of time needed.

Some piano teachers expect their students to participate in recitals and competitions, you may need to consider this before going on board with him. If your goal is just to be able to play well enough for yourself, then a teacher who put less emphasis on competitions is more suitable.

Taste and interest
Matching interest higher motivation, learn about the piano online

Classical music requires a lot of finger and arm movements to play. That makes it good practice for the student to develop his technique. Find out the kind of music the teacher likes to instruct on.

Mine loves to alternate between classical and modern jazz. So I get the best of both worlds.

Music theory and piano techniques develop the skills of the student. She will be able to apply these skills with any song she is playing.

It is important to have a teacher who believes so too. There are teachers who teach individual pieces. By doing so, the student can play the particular songs quickly but does not have the skills to carry on to the next songs.

When I make mistakes in theory exercises my teacher makes me do corrections numerous times until I get them absolutely right. She also shows me how to move my fingers correctly on the keys, together with how to sway my

Genuine passion
Passionate and dedicated, learn more about the piano online

That is her job, I am always thankful and not take her passion for granted.

Piano teachers are professionals, the minimum qualification is a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. Checking a teacher’s credentials is a good idea before you enroll with him.

It should not be your only criteria in choosing a teacher, though. I recommend someone who is genuinely interested in helping you see the rich cultural wonders of piano music.

I have visited many musical instruments stores to look for piano books or just check out the beautiful grand pianos that they have there. Some of them conduct piano lessons too. I have seen one of the teachers there texting on her mobile phone during lessons. On one occasion I saw a teacher juggling 5 students at a time.

You may want to be careful about these things when considering which piano teacher to go with.

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