Learn piano online – Effective Methods To Improve Technique

Learn piano online – Effective Methods [1]:
Schedule a regular routine

Learn the most effective methods to improve technique when playing the piano online. 

During the Edo period in Japan, when ancient traditions still reigned supreme amongst her people, craftsmen would slice bamboo into fine strands to make baskets that would hold together even when carrying heavy loads.

It is through their thoroughness and meticulous attention to detail ingrained deep in their culture that has enabled them to weave strong bamboo baskets and build fuel efficient electric cars.

Such proficiency is only made possible through diligent repetitive practice. The same values one needs to adopt to improve piano technique. The life of a piano student is a hectic one. Usually we have to juggle other commitments as well such as school, family and work.

To be successful, schedule a regular routine during which you practise scales, arpeggios, sightreading and learn a piano song. Regularly practising scales and arpeggios are especially a challenge, not because they are difficult – but because they tend to be left on the back burner, conquering the Chopin etude takes precedent.

Overcome this barrier that is hindering your technical improvement by having a specific timetable for practising scales alone. For example; on day one practise the scale of C major, its relative minor the A ( both harmonic and melodic of course ), chromatic scales and arpeggios on the triads in C major and A minor.

About twenty minutes is all it takes to play a set well enough. On day two you can move on to the next key, that includes chromatic and arpeggios.

Learn piano online – Effective Methods [2]:
Daily workout for the 4th and 5th fingers

If your hand is the mythical Greek warrior Achilles, the fifth and fourth fingers are its heels.

The weakest fingers among the the five they always falter when running up a scale or when stretching out to reach a distant key.

Usually the fifth finger cannot curve itself or it sticks to the fourth finger.

Fortunately there is something you can do about it – Hanon’s fingering exercises provides the needed workout for the 4th and 5th fingers to gain strength, acquire the ability not to stick to each other and acquire the striking power to hit a key firmly and accurately.

Sixty exercises are available, each helps to transform the weak fourth and fifth fingers into agile and powerful factors in your piano playing.

Practise a couple a day, by the end of the month you will be astonished by what you shall be able accomplish with your fingers.

Learn piano online – Effective Methods [3]:
Set a goal

Piano Technique Improvement – Effective Methods [3]: Set a goal

There are varying opinions on the benefits of entering a piano competition. Some say it is an unnecessary stress. Others argue more should be emphasized on building a rich repertoire instead.

While I belong to the latter camp, I still think competitions are useful as a goal.

Once you have committed to play in a competition, you have to prepare and practise to execute the piano songs flawlessly within a certain period of time. A little bit of pressure to deliver a convincing performance may not be such a bad thing.

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