Learn piano online - Discover The Way To Technical Brilliance (Part 1)

Learn to improve technique on the piano online, this article describes the way to technical brilliance on the piano. In business, the three words the determine success are location, location, location.

In piano the three words that speed up your pace in acquiring piano technique are slowly, separately, sections. That is to practice slowly, with separate hands at first and by sections.

Faster is not always better
Slow and steady, learn about playing the piano online

Some people think the faster you can play a musical phrase on the piano must mean that you are a more proficient pianist than another who plays slower.


  • What? - Wrong way to practise
  • Why? - Fatigue and mistakes
  • How? - Go slow

Believing that he has to play fast in order to get better, a new piano student usually tends to rush through a piano exercise or the nursery rhyme he is learning.

I was guilty of the same offence.I am hoping my dear readers will not make the same mistakes which why I am sharing my experience playing the piano online.

Playing fast though appear impressive to friends and family members does not help to improve piano technique. When my hands and fingers were moving too quickly they built up stress in the muscles, more so if I was unfamiliar with the music I was practicing.

Pick out a song you have never played before and try playing it as fast as you can. There will be many mistakes and fatigue will set in sooner. If I had insisted on pressing on this way, all I will be doing is practising mistakes which negate its purpose - to improve technique. First, we must play slowly.


  • What? - Technique and accuracy
  • Why? - Acquired one hand at a time
  • How? - Practise hands separately

Go back to the song you picked out just now and play it slowly. Doesn’t it feel easier going from one note to the next?

When we are playing slow we have time to locate the next key we have to hit, naturally the playing becomes more accurate. Technique improves fastest when we are practicing at a speed at which we can hit the keys most accurately.

Coordination and accuracy
Crucial elements in technique building, learn more about playing the piano online

As the accuracy improves start to play just a notch faster. Continue to do so and constantly vary the speed of play. Go from fast to slow again to confirm that your wrists and arms remain stress free and check on the accuracy.

While experimenting with the speed just now, did you play with the right hand or the left hand or both hands?

Playing with both hands would have been unmanageble for me. Coordinating the two hands to play together remains the most dreaded part of trying to learn a song.

To make the task more manageable playing hands separately is usually most effective. Technique improves more when we practise one hand at a time. The hand needs to acquire the deftness to locate the keys accurately, hitting them with the precise amount of force and moving on to the next key smoothly.

These elements have to be ingrained in the right hand and later the left hand. Whichever comes first is up to the individual’s preference, the essential fact is that practicing hands separately is what builds piano technique.

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