Piano teacher wanted – A devoted father searches for a passionate piano teacher for his talented children

I am really glad I found your website! It is really wonderful and is full of good tips and advice.

I am looking for a good piano teacher in Penang for my children. My kids are really keen to become concert pianists and they are quite good.

Like you said in your website, a good teacher is very hard to find. Their first teacher was very unprofessional and their second teacher, although highly qualified, made piano playing into a chore.

He never showed them the love of music and never praised them when they played well. Instead he gives them lots and lots of pages to practise per week.

You won't believe it but my kids are practising about 15 pages a week! - and all serious classical pieces too. It is just too overwhelming for my poor children.

The teacher is very inflexible when I tell him to cut down the number of pages. My kids are so demotivated. And he is not very good with children. Although he has been with them almost a year, he has not created good rapport with them. He doesn't make classes fun.

Could you please recommend a teacher who at least has a Bachelor's or Master's degree (preferably form a foreign university), has a wonderful personality and can make my kids love music again?



Hi Victor,

Thank you for your enquiry.

It would be helpful if I had more information on your children’s piano education so far. Like how long have they been learning, what Grade are they in now, how often are the lessons?

Since you mentioned that they are already learning serious classical pieces, I am assuming they are in the intermediate levels, Grade 3 to Grade 4.

There is a music school in Gurney Drive Penang, called Emple Music Instruments. The address is No.184, Persiaran Gurney,10250 Pulau Pinang. Their phone number is 04-228 5133. You can visit their website at www.emple.com.my

It is situated right next to the famous Gurney Drive hawker stalls, near Gurney Plaza. I am sure you know the place.

I am recommending the music school because I have met the owner once a few years ago when I went in to browse for a piano cover. They sell pianos and piano accessories as well.

She took me on a tour of their facilities, introduced me to one of the piano teacher, and was very proffessional and passionate the whole time. I even got a discount on the piano cover.

She briefed me on how the school organizes regular piano recitals for their students as part of their efforts to boost the children’s confidence and to familiarize them with the atmosphere of performing in front of an audience. An important lesson if the child wishes to become a concert pianist.

I also met some of the other piano teachers who were mostly young, well mannered ladies in their 20’s.

Although I am unable to provide you with their music credentials and teaching qualifications, I am certain they can accommodate your requirements if you call them in advance and discuss your children’s needs and select the most suitable teacher available –one who will be able to harness your children’s full potential.

Best of luck!


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